Will Joan Collins Be In The New Dynasty?

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Dynasty is coming back to TV on The CW, and while it won't be exactly the same as the 1980s classic, the reboot will still pay homage to the original soap opera) in many ways. But while we continue to wonder who will play Alexis, we can't help but wonder: Will Joan Collins be in the new Dynasty?

Will Joan Collins Reprise Her Role As Alexis?

It hasn't been confirmed that Joan Collins will be returning to Dynasty, but she definitely seems wanted.

We do know, with certainty, that the reboot will include Joan Collins' character Alexis in the very first episode.

Grant Show, who plays patriarch Blake Carrington, explained to TV Times, "We refer to her a lot. She's mentioned by name in the first episode. If not in person, she is definitely there in spirit all the time."

Executive producer Sallie Patrick further detailed to TVLine, "What we like is that we know when she's coming. I'm not sure they knew their timing of her [on the original Dynasty], so she was really absent from the first year. When she did show up, it was a huge twist and a great surprise. Since we live in a world that already knows about Alexis and knows about Joan Collins, we thought it'd be fun to build up that wonderful, delicious character before her grand entrance. We can only bring her in once, so we're taking our time to figure it out."

As for whether Joan Collins herself will reprise the role, that's looking like a no, although the actress could find herself in a different role on the reboot.

Patrick explained, "Obviously no one will be able to reprise their original role, since it's a reboot, but I think it would be fun for fans [of the original show] to see an actor make a cameo in a way they never expected them to appear. That's the goal, to keep people surprised."

Elizabeth Gillies, who plays Fallon Carrington in the reboot, also expressed her interest in working with some of the original Dynasty cast members when speaking with AOL Build. "We have not ruled that out at all. I think once we get going, once it makes sense, I would not be surprised at all if a few of them came on the show and hopefully, you know, they want to and I think they will," she said. "I think our whole thing is you never know who's gonna come through the door and that's the fun of Dynasty and that was what made it so special when it was on originally, and we're gonna follow that same format. So yeah, we would love to have some original cast members. I'm not speaking out of school saying that."

So, there we have it: Alexis is in, and Joan Collins might be, too.

Dynasty premieres Wednesday, October 11, at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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