Is Wells Adams Replacing Chris Harrison On The Bachelor?

Uh, Chris Harrison, do you have an announcement to make?

Is Wells Adams Replacing Chris Harrison?

Forget the next Bachelor, Wells Adams needs to be the next Chris Harrison, and he's proving his worth during this season of Bachelor in Paradise. While some of our favorite Bachelor and Bachelorette alums — mostly from Nick Viall's and Rachel Lindsay's seasons — mingle on a Mexican beach, Wells has taken on a very different role in Paradise, and his new role has us wondering, is Wells Adams replacing Chris Harrison?

In case you missed it: Jorge the Bartender started a Sayulita tourism company, Nayarit Uncovered and left after the first episode of BIP. Then Wells seamlessly arrived to take over Jorge's shifts. That's right: Wells is the bartender. More accurately, he considers himself as a counselor first, then a drink-maker, then a sunscreen-applier, he said on Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti's podcast, Almost Famous.

Since he can't date anyone in Paradise, Wells has been narrating all of the love connections to help those of us keeping score, and he is giving major Chris Harrison vibes. While Chris Harrison is yet to make any formal announcement, we are setting up a bonus point option for next season's brackets.

Could The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise Alum Be The Next Host Of The Bachelor?

It would be absolutely devastating to lose Chris Harrison, but when that time inevitably comes, Wells would actually be a great fit for the role. As a professional radio DJ in Nashville, we already know he's an expert host, plus as a former Bachelorette contestant, we know that he isn't too macho for romance. And after Bachelor in Paradise, we'll know that he can handle being the voice of reason among a group of people who all set their sights on the same future spouse. Check, check and check!

The parallels between the two are undeniable. Even fans on Twitter have noticed the similarities! "I hope they make Wells the next Chris Harrison," Mitchel Custer tweeted.

Zoe H. also shirked a recent rumor in favor of this one. "conspiracy theory: ABC isn't grooming Wells to be the new bachelor, they're grooming him to be the new Chris Harrison," she wrote.

Corinne Falotico took a more direct approach. "Ok but why doesn't Wells narrate the whole show? Is Chris Harrison ready to retire yet?" she asked.

Shedding a sillier light on the issue, Cari Nation joked, "Tonight, in the most shocking rose ceremony yet, Chris Harrison and his exit interview HR person give Wells the final rose."

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