Will Hurricane Harvey Put Texans At Risk?

hurricane harvey

How Bad Will Hurricane Harvey Be?

All along the Texas coast, people are preparing for Hurricane Harvey to hit land. Think: making sandbags, stocking water, boarding windows and, in some places, even evacuating. This sounds extreme, so exactly how dangerous is Hurricane Harvey?

The National Hurricane Center has issued a hurricane warning as Hurricane Harvey makes its way to the Texas coast, and people should prepare for potentially life-threatening and devastating flooding. The storm is expected to hit the middle of the Texas coast between late Friday, August 25, and early Saturday, August 26. By then, it is forecast to strengthen to a Category 3 hurricane with 111-miles-per-hour winds.

Will Hurricane Harvey Flood Texas?

Experts anticipate Harvey bringing 15 to 25 inches of rain to the coast of Texas, with some areas accruing up to 35 inches of rain. Because of the speed of the storm, analysts expect the storm to slow down once it reaches land, bringing multiple days of heavy rain and flooding to Texas.

Additionally, there is a storm surge warning along hundreds of miles of the Texas coast, further pointing to risk of flooding.

Where Else Will Hurricane Harvey Hit?

Texas is not the only place that should be preparing for hurricane conditions. Areas in Louisiana and the lower Mississippi Valley are in Hurricane Harvey's path, according to the National Hurricane Center. They expect Hurricane Harvey to reach Louisiana a few days after it reaches the Texas coast.

Texas In A State Of Disaster

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has declared a State of Disaster for many counties in the state, and local areas are taking action by cancelling school and ordering evacuations.

Hurricane Harvey is forming into one of the most serious hurricane warnings Texas has seen in a while, so remember to keep an eye on local news and stay safe by being prepared for the hurricane in these coming days!