How Many Photos Can You Post To An Instagram Album?

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How Many Photos Can You Post To An Instagram Album?

TFW you look so cute in every photo from last night and can't decide which to post to Instagram is a thing of the past! Instagram albums allow you to post a slideshow of photos in one post, so you can show off all of your good sides and avoid bombarding your followers with an embarrassing number of posts. But just how many photos can you post to an Instagram album? All in all, you can add up to 10 photos and/or videos to your album. So now all you really need to worry about is which of those killer photos should be the album cover.

What Is An Instagram Album?

Let's back up: The album is a feature Instagram introduced earlier this year that integrates a series of photos or videos into one post. While we used to resort to making a collage of miniature photos to show off multiple shots from one event, now we can create a carousel of full-sized images.

An Instagram album is denoted by a series of dots at the bottom of a post. To see the other photos in the album, simply swipe left or right on the post. You can like the entire album with a double tap, but you cannot like just one photo in an album as of now.