How Does Mercury In Retrograde Affect Sagittarius?

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How Does Mercury In Retrograde Affect Sagittarius?

It's that time again: Mercury is in retrograde. While we are always fine-tuning our list of things NOT to do while Mercury is in retrograde, the retrograde can affect us all differently based on our own sign and which sign Mercury is in retrograde in.

From August 12 to September 5, Mercury is in retrograde in Virgo and Leo. So, how does this Mercury in retrograde affect Sagittarius?

Mercury In Retrograde | Sagittarius August 2017 Horoscope

Sagittarius will be especially vulnerable to all of the common Mercury retrograde happenings because of the signs in which this retrograde falls, according to

Sagittarius should be particularly careful when communicating in the workplace. Adopt a "think twice, say once" mentality, because speaking before you've fully thought things through can lead to otherwise-avoidable issues. According to, your career goals may be in the forefront of your mind, and while it isn't a great time to pitch new ideas, adding some finishing touches to an existing project or planning future moves isn't a bad idea.

If worst comes to worst, remember that things will return to normal after September 5!