Facebook | Can Someone See If You Screenshot Their Profile Picture?

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Can Someone See If You Screenshot Their Facebook Profile Picture?

Trying to show your best friend your new crush, but not sure how to safely do so? That can be a problem, but fortunately we've got you covered.

We all know the dangers of trying to capture anything on Snapchat — it will notify users of the screenshot. However, screen grabbing an Instagram story will not notify the other user. So, is Facebook more like Instagram or Snapchat: Can someone see if you screenshot their profile picture on Facebook?

Facebook | Can Someone See If You Screenshot Their Profile Photo?

The answer is no. Much like Facebook Messenger, which does not notify users if a message was screenshot, Facebook does not notify users if someone screenshots their profile picture.

Naturally, because Facebook is always working to improve their platform, these standards may change, so it is a good idea to check Facebook's updated user privacy standards every so often. If you're still not convinced, you can always test this out with a friend!

If you have any more Facebook questions, you can find answers in Facebook's Help Center.

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