Facebook Messenger | Can Someone See If You Screenshot Their Message?

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Can Someone See If You Screenshot Their Facebook Messenger Message?

We've all been there: Accidentally clicking on something you didn't mean to while scrolling through Facebook. While some actions automatically send notifications, can someone see if you screenshot their message on Facebook Messenger?

We know that you cannot see if someone screenshots a live story on Instagram, which is also owned by Facebook. Thankfully, Facebook Messenger follows suit!

Facebook Messenger | Can Someone See If You Screenshot Their Message?

No! If you screenshot someone's message on Facebook Messenger, they will not be notified. That's a relief.

Of course, since the social media platform is ever-evolving, it is a good idea to revisit Facebook's user privacy standards from time to time to make sure the rules haven't changed — or grab a friend and test whether screenshots of your messages get flagged!

If you have more Facebook Messenger questions, you can find answers at Facebook's Help Center.

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