How Are Facebook Friends Lists Organized?

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How Is The Sort Order For Facebook Friends Lists Determined?

There are a lot of things about the Facebook algorithm that are a mystery, in part because it's always changing to reflect its users needs. One consistent question users often have is, how are the Facebook friends lists organized?

While the sort order for Instagram followers and following lists is determined either alphabetically or by recent interactions, the sort order for Facebook friends lists is a bit more complex.

What Determines The Order Of Your Facebook Friends List?

Although Facebook hasn't officially revealed how they organize their friends lists, it is believed that the list is sorted using a variety of factors. Some factors include how frequently you interact with your friends on Facebook, mutual profile views, the number of photos and posts you're tagged in together, whether you frequently like or comment on each other's posts, how often you view each other's photos and if you chat with each other on Facebook Messenger.

Basically, Facebook will put the friends with whom you interact the most on the top of your friends list, and those you haven't been in touch with recently toward the bottom!

Of course, this is speculation, and Facebook may adjust their sort order indicators at any time. Stay up-to-date on their privacy policies and check out Facebook's Help Center for more information!