Can You Remove One Photo From Your Instagram Album?


Can You Remove One Photo From Your Instagram Album?

The introduction of Instagram albums was a definite upgrade to our newsfeed, but what happens if we got a little overzealous about the number of photos we shared? Unfortunately, you cannot remove just one photo from your Instagram album. If you're really desperate to delete one photo, there is one thing you can do, but it comes at a price.

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How Can You Delete A Photo From An Instagram Album?

While you can't delete just one photo from an Instagram album, you can delete the entire album, then repost the updated album without that one photo.

To delete the Instagram album, open the post you would like to delete. Press the three black dots on the top right corner of the post, opening a menu. Select "Delete" to delete the entire album.

Keep in mind, deleting this post will delete all of the likes and comments this post has already garnered. If you repost your updated album, it will post with zero likes or comments, just as any new post would. That's a steep price to pay if you didn't notice your error before your followers starting liking the album, but, depending on the situation, it could be totally worth it.