Quiz: You're Only Allowed To Drink Alcohol If You Can Pass This Quiz


Should you really be taking that shot?

Is it okay for you to have a drink, or will it just end up with you texting your ex? You know, the BAD one? Let's find out.

 Dec 09, 2016

1 of 13Pick the right answer.

Alcohol is a ________.

2 of 13Pick the right answer.

What is the legal limit for driving under the influence?
8% BAC
.8% BAC
.08% BAC

3 of 13Pick the right answer.

Which alcohol will make you the drunkest?
taking shots
red wine

4 of 13Pick the right answer.

Which common medication should you never mix with alcohol?
Vitamin B

5 of 13What exactly is a blackout?

495 Productions
the hypothalamus stops communicating with the pituitary gland
when you destroy soft tissue in your cerebral corex
neurons stop communicating in the hippocampus

6 of 13Pick the right answer.

A fragmentary blackout is also called a:
alcohol poisoning
brown out
a good time

7 of 13Pick the right answer.

What is the alcohol content of wine?

8 of 13Pick the right answer.

What percent alcohol is in non-alcoholic beer?

9 of 13Pick the right answer.

______ in 12 adults suffer from alcohol abuse.

10 of 13Pick the right answer.

What is the chemical in alcohol?

11 of 13Why do you want to drink?

It's Friday
I'm celebrating
I'm going through a breakup

12 of 13Pick the right answer.

How long does it take the body to process or break down one standard drink?
20 minutes
30 minutes
1 hour

13 of 13Do you want to text your ex right now?

I already deleted their number from my phone!
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