Quiz: You’ll Only Ace This Test If You Grew Up In A Boarding School

harry potter, hermoine granger, movies/tv, books
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You might've had your own pet horse.

You had to take the SSAT to get in. You're no stranger to room inspections, mandatory study hall, and babysitting your teacher's kids.

 Dec 02, 2016
1 of 12This is called the _________.
harry potter, hermoine granger, movies/tv, books
dining hall
mess hall
2 of 12Pick the right answer.
The person in charge of the boarding school is called the ________.
Head of School
3 of 12Pick the right answer.
A misconduct mark is called a ___________.
detention point
4 of 12Pick the right answer.
Don't forget your flip flops in the bathroom, or you'll have to worry about _______.
poison ivy
5 of 12What method are they using here?
harry potter, hermoine granger, movies/tv, books
round robin
turn and talk
the harkness method
6 of 12Pick the right answer.
After dinner there is mandatory _________.
study hall
movie night
sports practice
7 of 12Pick the right answer.
This was NOT an uncommon place to hang out.
wherever you wanted
your teacher's house
the movie theater
8 of 12Pick the right answer.
What are sister and brother schools?
competing schools
schools that have no correlation
schools that have a financial or social connection to your school
9 of 12Pick the right answer
What is "bluers and greyers" slang for?
blue blazers and grey trousers
sports teams
different learning tracks
10 of 12Pick the right answer
You could find the school nurse in the _______.
front office
tuck stop
11 of 12Pick the right answer
Cuddling with your roommate was ________.
frowned upon
weird to do
12 of 12Pick the right answer
The one thing you wont learn at boarding school is how to ________ properly.
public speak
do laundry
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