Quiz: You’ll Only Ace This Quiz If You Grew Up In A Mormon American Family

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 Dec 07, 2016
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Question: 1/13Pick the right answer.

The easiest way to socialize with other kids was ______.
youth church dances
at the mall
at school

Question: 2/13Pick the right answer.

If you were between the ages of18-25, then you're probably a

Question: 3/13Pick the right answer.

Single men do missionary work for ______.
2 years
5 years
6 months

Question: 4/13Pick the right answer.

Single women do missionary work for _______.
it's not allowed
18 months
until they're married

Question: 5/13Pick the right answer.

Your non-Mormon friends didn't understand that _____ is banned by the church.

Question: 6/13Pick the right answer.

This was a common place for girls to go to.
etiquette classses
Young Women's Camp

Question: 7/13Pick the right answer.

The church is made up of two factions:
ward and branch
rhyme and reason
democrats and republicans

Question: 8/13Pick the right answer.

You couldn’t date until you were ____.
16 years old
finished with your missionary trip

Question: 9/13This is your favorite place to go on Christmas.

Temple of Lights
A synagogue

Question: 10/13Pick the right answer.

On a Monday night, you were typically ____.
at home with your family
at a puzzle night with your friends
at a church dance

Question: 11/13Pick the right answer.

What is Pioneer Day?
A Halloween type holiday
It celebrates Mormon passage into the Salt Lake Valley in 1847
that's an Amish holiday

Question: 12/13Pick the right answer.

If you are a girl, growing up you had to wear:
whatever you wanted
suits, skirts, blouses, jackets, sweaters, and dresses
pants only

Question: 13/13Pick the right answer.

What does deseret mean?
term of endearment
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