Quiz: Only 1 In 50 Scientologists Can Pass This Test. Can You?

Are you a Scientologist?

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 Dec 05, 2016
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Question: 1/22Pick the right answer.

Auditing is a mix of _______.
karate and ballet
confession, therapy, and hypnosis
yoga and meditation

Question: 2/22Pick the right answer.

What is Dianetics?
L. Ron Hubbards wife
a type of Christianity
a spiritual healing technology

Question: 3/22Pick the right answer.

This important change happened to the Church in 1986
Scientology reached 2 million followers
David Miscavige became leader of the church
Tom Cruise gave his famous interview to Oprah

Question: 4/22What is this?

an e-meter
toilet paper rolls
a boppit

Question: 5/22Who is this?

L Ron Hubbard
Philip Seymour Hoffman

Question: 6/22Pick the right answer.

Where is the headquarters for the Sea Org?
Gold Base
John Travolta's ranch
Los Angeles

Question: 7/22Pick the right answer.

A suppressive person is anyone who is ______.
friends with John Travolta
against the church

Question: 8/22Pick the right answer.

What is a thetan?
A trillion year alien soul inside your body
a breed of dog
someone who hands out pamphelets for the church

Question: 9/22Pick the right answer.

Which of these is NOT a Scientology holiday?
Auditor's Day
L Ron Hubbard's birthday

Question: 10/22Pick the right answer.

According to Dianetics, the mind has two parts. Which one of these is NOT included?

Question: 11/22Pick the right answer.

What does ARC stand for?
always reliving consciousness
affinity, reality, communication
arts, religion, charity

Question: 12/22Pick the right answer.

What are non-Scientologists referred to?

Question: 13/22Pick the right answer.

What celebrity is still in the Church of Scientology?
Kirstie Alley
Paul Haggis
Leah Remini

Question: 14/22Pick the right answer.

Scientologists will not use ________.
psychiatric drugs
social media
public transportation

Question: 15/22Pick the right answer.

Katie Holmes wasn't allowed to make noise during her birth to Suri because _______.
noise negatively affects the newborn
she was in no pain
she was under anesthesia

Question: 16/22Pick the right answer.

The highest level of scientology is called ________.
being clear
OT 8

Question: 17/22Pick the right answer.

According to Scientology, humans appeared on earth when ______.
an alien, Xenu, brought us here in a Spacecraft
the big bang

Question: 18/22Pick the right answer.

In order to move on to the next level of Scientology, you must _____.
complete a riddle
convert 10 new people
pay money

Question: 19/22Pick the right answer.

L. Ron Hubbard has won ______.
a Razzie
3 Guinness World Records
an Academy Award

Question: 20/22Pick the right answer.

The following is a Scientology slogan:
oy vey!
hip hip hooray!

Question: 21/22Pick the right answer.

Does the Church of Scientology have to pay taxes?
ask the IRS

Question: 22/22Pick the right answer.

Scientologists want a world without:
judaism, christianity, and buddhism
crime, war, and insanity
internet, junk food, and medicine
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