Quiz: Can You Answer 22 Questions Every "Mystic Pizza' Fan Should Know?

We love pizza anything. <3

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 Dec 08, 2016
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Question: 1/22Finish this quote.

"I fucked up."
Yeah, and you're fired.
And I'm sorry
Yeah... but you gave it a 100% effort!

Question: 2/22Pick the right answer.

What are the names of the sisters in Mystic Pizza?
Kat & Jojo
Kat & Daisy
Daisy & Jojo

Question: 3/22Pick the right answer.

Where does Kat work other than Mystic Pizza?
the planetarium
the book store
the gas station

Question: 4/22Pick the right answer.

Where does Daisy first meet Charles?
a bar
the pizza parlor
the planetarium

Question: 5/22Pick the right answer.

What happens between Kat and her boss Tim?
they sleep together
she sues him
they get in a physical altercation

Question: 6/22Finish this quote.

“If you believe this 30-year-old guy is going to leave his wife and live happily ever after with you..."
you've got another thing comin
you’re living in a fuckin’ romance novel
you're delusional

Question: 7/22Pick the right answer.

Where does Mystic Pizza take place?
Mystic, Conneticut
Mystic, New York
Mystic, Mass.

Question: 8/22Pick the right answer.

Who is the owner of Mystic Pizza?

Question: 9/22Pick the right answer.

Who is the Fireside Gourmet?
a critic who gives the restaurant a bad review
a competing restaurant
a famous TV food critic who calls the pizza "superb"

Question: 10/22Pick the right answer.

Why do Daisy and Charles break up?
Charles' family makes racist remarks
he cheats
They're better off as friends

Question: 11/22Pick the right answer.

What happens at Jojos wedding to Bill?
she faints
she runs out
she sobs

Question: 12/22Pick the right answer.

What song is in the background when they’re playing pool?
Baby Love by The Supremes
Lovin Feeling by the Righteous Brothers
Is it Hot in Here by Renee Geyer

Question: 13/22Pick the right answer.

what does Kat do with her last paycheck from Tim?
buys her own pizza place
tears it up and throws it away
goes to college

Question: 14/22Pick the right answer.

What famous actor had their first speaking role in Mystic Pizza?
George Clooney
Matt Damon
Ben Affleck

Question: 15/22Pick the right answer.

What is the name of Bill's boat?
the Jojo
sail away
the Billiam

Question: 16/22Pick the right answer.

What cultural group was represented in the film?

Question: 17/22Pick the right answer.

Mystic Pizza is a _____ pizza parlor.
shut down

Question: 18/22Pick the right answer.

Charlie did shots of what between throwing darts in the bar?

Question: 19/22Pick the right answer.

How much did Jo Jo's wedding cost?
it was free

Question: 20/22Pick the right answer.

At Jo Jo's first wedding who is the first bridesmaid to walk down the aisle?

Question: 21/22Pick the right answer.

What is the slogan for the Mystic Pizza parlor?
Gotta love pizza
Take a pizza me
A slice of heaven

Question: 22/22Finish this quote.

"What? Think I got eyes in my butt?"
Stranger things have happened!
That's where your brains are!
It's certainly big enough!
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