Quiz: Can You Answer 16 Common Sense Questions Every Human Should Get?

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How smart are you?

Are you smart? Do you have common sense? Do you think you can answer these 22 questions correctly and prove it?

 Dec 06, 2016
1 of 16Pick the right answer.
When do they celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK?
In August
Same day as the US
They don't
2 of 16Pick the right answer.
Which weighs more, 100lbs of rice or 100lbs of rocks?
Rice, I think
Rocks, duh
They weigh the same
3 of 16Pick the right answer.
How many birthdays does the average person have?
4 of 16Pick the right answer.
Blood is what color when it's inside your body?
5 of 16Pick the right answer.
A is the father of B. But B is not the son of A. How?
B is A's brother
B is imaginary
B is A's daughter
6 of 16Pick the right answer.
A rooster laid an egg on top of the barn roof. Which way did it roll?
To the left
It didn’t
To the right
7 of 16Pick the right answer.
How can a man go 30 days without sleep?
He drank a lot of coffee
He slept at night
He was on drugs
8 of 16Pick the right answer.
A truck driver going the wrong way down a one way street isn’t stopped by a group of cops. Why?
He's in the cop car already
He is a cop
He's walking, not driving
9 of 16Pick the right answer.
If there are 10 apples and you take away 4, how many do you have?
10 of 16Pick the right answer.
Some months have 31 days, others have 30 days. How many months have 28 days?
11 of 16Pick the right answer.
What goes up and down, but still remains in the same place?
A clock
Your age
12 of 16Pick the right answer.
You are in a dark room with a candle, a wood stove, and a gas lamp. If you only have 1 match, what do you light first?
The match
The candle
The lamp
13 of 16Pick the right answer.
This goes up but never comes down.
hair length
14 of 16Pick the right answer.
What has rivers but no water, forests but no trees, and cities but no people?
a map
15 of 16Pick the right answer.
The more of these you take, the more you leave.
facebook posts
16 of 16Pick the right answer.
What is all around us but gets broken when we say it's name?
a coffin
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