Bad News: You're Going to Break Up Over the Holidays


Do you have Seasonal Breakup Disorder?

I once got broken up with on Valentines Day.

My boyfriend and I were having some serious relationship trouble, so I decided to go 100% for Valentines Day and show him that I care. I took the day off work. I went to Victoria's Secret that morning--as soon as it opened-- and got the sexiest lingerie they had. It was out of my budget. I didn't care. I was in it to win it.

I cooked my boyfriend's favorite meal: steak and mashed potatoes. Boy stuff, you know?

He never came home that night. His phone was turned off. I ate my steak. Then I ate his steak. I finished all the mashed potatoes. And a bottle of wine, or two. I was wearing sexy lingerie while I did all of this. I put on Alanis Morissette at full blast. We broke up the next day and it turned out he was cheating on me with our coworker.

Anyways, enough about me!!

Surprisingly, the times you're most likely to go through a breakup are the holidays. Here's why.

Have You Heard of the Turkey Dump?

The period over Thanksgiving break is commonly referred to as "Dumpsgiving" by college students. According to, the Turkey Dump, "refers to the phenomenon in which college students return home for Thanksgiving break, only to then break up with their high school sweethearts."

Adults experience Thanksgiving break ups as well. It's a stressful holiday. Are you spending it together, or apart? Are you cooking? Meeting family for the first time? Whose family? If you don't envision a future with your S.O, sometimes ending it is the easiest solution.

But Two Weeks Before Christmas is a Danger Zone

According to Bustle, a "2007 Yahoo survey also found that people are twice as likely to consider breaking up between Christmas and Valentine's Day than they are any other time of the year, and other research supports a bump in breakups right after New Year's Eve."

According to NY Daily News, "Data analyst David McCandless trolled 10,000 Facebook status updates in 2010 and discovered that more couples break up in the two weeks before Christmas than any other time of year." hits peak page views on December 25th.

Why? The holidays can be a lot of pressure for men and women alike. Whether it's giving gifts, or meeting the parents, sometimes opting out is a lot easier than conquering Christmas.


Good News, Christmas DAY is safe

Most likely, your significant other is not going to break up with you on Christmas. They are too busy with their families, delayed Christmas shopping, and being on Santa's nice list.


Is Breaking Up Your New Years Resolution?

Decided you don't want to spend the next year unhappy? Ready to start the new year with a clean, fresh slate, without your partner? Well, then you're very likely to break up with them A FEW DAYS AFTER the New Year.

Why might people wait a few days after the New Year to actually break up? Because you've already rented that limo, have party plans, and need a locked in New Years kiss. So you'll sustain unhappiness just a few more days for your party convenience.

But once January 3rd rolls out.


Don't worry-- not every relationship breaks up during the holidays. Communication is key. If you want to learn how to fall back in love, you can read more about it on here.

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