Your Period Is Super Late: When Do You Tell Your S.O?

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Time to Amazon Prime a pregnancy test!

If you haven't ever had a period scare, then you've truly never lived. I have had several in my life, and they've all been thrilling. I have been pregnant zero times though. But each time I was absolutely CONVINCED that I was pregnant, bought a test, and then either got my period before I could even take it, or took it and got the results I secretly expected: nope, no baby brewin' in here.

Some of my scares happened with boyfriends, and one happened with a one night stand. But each time I held fast to one rule and one rule only- I kept it from the potential baby daddies. Did I tell my friends? Yeah, obviously. Did I tell my mom? Once, until I realized that was an awful idea.

But from my experience, here is my belief on when to tell a guy that your period is late and you think you might be pregnant:

Tell him if you're actually pregnant, otherwise you're just telling a guy that your period is late for no reason.

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Okay, let's get real for a second. You've been having sex. Maybe it's with a regular hookup. Maybe it was a one night stand. Maybe it's with a friends with benefits or maybe it's with your actual boyfriend.

Maybe you didn't use a condom (no judgement here) or maybe it broke but either way: your period is late. What do you do and when do you have the conversation with your significant other?

I'd ask yourself a few questions:

  • What's your relationship status?

  • Do you know if you're pregnant yet?

  • Are you going to keep it?

Let me break down my thoughts.

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One Night Stand

Don't. Unless you find out that you are pregnant, you're keeping the baby, and you want him involved in that baby's life, then no need to contact that complete stranger again. He doesn't need to know that you're en route to Walgreens right now because you've been craving pickles and ice cream and your period is a few days late. Okay, problem solved!

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Friends with Benefits

How close are you with your friend with benefits? Is he a friend, or is he more of a fuck buddy? If he's a fuck buddy, don't tell him unless you're absolutely sure you are pregnant and you're keeping it. Unless you want your buddy to drive you to your local planned parenthood, but I'd probably call up a best friend or family member for that.

Is your friends with benefits more on the best friend spectrum? Then I'd actually tell them any time you want. The good thing about a friends with benefits is that you guys aren't serious and can laugh together. "Oh my god, we might be parents all because we got to drunk last taco Tuesday!" And to be honest, a little bit of laughter could help dispel any fear you might have regarding your potential unplanned pregnancy. Fun!

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Your Boyfriend


If you're a day late, I probably wouldn't sound the alarms. But a little over a week late? Two? Body feeling funky? Then speak up if you feel inclined. Use his Amazon Prime account to order some pregnancy tests, watch some tv shows, and wait patiently for your package to arrive. Once it does, you can take the test together, and then see if you'll have another package arriving nine months later.

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