Why Your Boss Should Let You Nap at Work

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Are you a napper?

Are you a napper? I am. A daily napper. Until I got a full time job, and realized my naps were going to be a thing of the past. But that doesn't mean that around 3pm I don't get supppperrr sleepy. Sleepy in a way that 15 coffees just CAN'T help. And that's when I got to thinking: we should really be allowed to nap at work, right?

If you could do it in kindergarten, why can't we do it as an adult?

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Here's what we know about sleeping, or lack of it:

According to Bustle:

  • A 2008 study from the Centers for Disease Control found that 70 percent of adults said that hadn't slept enough every single day for the past month.

  • The CDC estimated that roughly 50 to 70 million people experience sleep disorders or constant sleep loss.

  • Another 2010 survey from the CDC of over 15,000 adults found that 30 percent of workers (or 40.6 million) sleep six or fewer hours everyday — below the recommended seven to nine.


And there are companies that promote naps during the work day. For example:

  • NASA (The NASA nap)

  • Nike

  • Zappos

  • Ben and Jerry's

  • Huffington Post

  • Google

  • AOL

  • The New York Times

You know, just a bunch of HUGE, successful companies.


So, why don't you convince your boss to let you nap at work, and then go out and get you one of these gadgets to make catching some zzz's in the office that much easier?

Because to be honest, it's just good business. According to sleep.org, "29 percent of workers report falling asleep or becoming very sleepy at work, and a lack of sleep costs the United States $63 billion each year in lost productivity. But a short twenty-minute nap can boost alertness and improve performance—both important when you're on the job."

Check out this AMAZING nap desk.

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So, a quick nap at work is ACTUALLY good for you, and for your company, and some of the most successful brands out there are doing it!

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