Study Finds That The More You Eat, The More Attractive You Are


Great news: psychologists have proven that women who are big eaters are actually the best lovers. Put down your fork and knife right now and start giving yourself a round of applause. Go and get yourself seconds, because most likely- you're going to be burning off whatever calories you consume during breakfast, lunch, and dinner during your totally amazing sex life.

Not to mention, according to Jezebel, "a new study shows that overweight women are actually having more heterosexual sex than women of "normal" weight."

Why are ladies who eat more better in bed?

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You Know What You Want For Dinner...

So you know what you want in bed too. When someone asks you where you want to go out to eat, are you the first person to scream out "TACOS, OBVIOUSLY!?" Well good. Because if you're assertive about what you want for dinner, most likely you're assertive about what you want in the sack too.

You're not afraid to ask for what you want, whether it be on a menu, or in the bedroom.

You go girl.

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Ice Cream?

According to Men's Health, "you may find the perfect lover by comparing tastes in ice cream. Researchers call this "ice-cream hedonics." Coffee-ice-cream lovers—found to be dramatic, seductive, flirtatious—are most romantically compatible with strawberry fans. Vanilla gals (emotionally expressive and fond of PDA) melt best with rocky-road guys. And mint-chocolate-chip fans are meant for each other."

You scream I scream we all scream for ice creammmmmm

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You're Comfortable With Your Body, And You Know How To Have Fun

Have you ever been around someone who is constantly counting calories? Who refuses to take a bite of dessert? It's NOT FUN. If they won't even let loose at an all you can eat buffet, I can't imagine they're gonna be any fun in the bedroom.

Are you?

  • Always down for a 4th meal
  • Late night drive thru
  • Early morning brunch
  • Mid day snack

Then most likely you know how to have a good time, you have fun, and you're comfortable in your own skin. You know life is too short to restrict yourself, and you take these qualities into the bedroom as well.

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You know what's good about rackin in all those calories? Endurance. So just like a marathon runner might carbo load before a big sprint, that leftover thai food that you had earlier is gonna be beneficial for when that cute guy from Bumble comes over to Netflix and chill later.

just kidding, we know you'd never do that. 😉