Real Women Recount Their Experiences at Planned Parenthood

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Our bodies, our choice.

House Speaker Paul Ryan announced on Thursday the GOP plans to defund Planned Parenthood early this year (in their effort to dismantle Obamacare.) They've been trying for ages to dismantle the institution because they provide abortions, and also because people hate women.

Newsflash men of the world trying to control women's bodies: Planned Parenthood does a lot more than abortions. According to the website (and as every intelligent person and human being who's ever visited knows) they, "are a trusted health care provider, an informed educator, a passionate advocate, and a global partner helping similar organizations around the world."


What do they do?

Well, Planned Parenthood does everything. And they service both men AND women. They provide the following at a safe and affordable price:

  • safe, reliable health care
  • help to prevent unintended pregnancies through contraception
  • reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections through testing and treatment
  • screen for cervical and other cancers
  • anemia testing
  • cholesterol screening
  • diabetes screening
  • physical exams,
  • flu vaccines
  • help with quitting smoking
  • high blood pressure screening
  • tetanus vaccines
  • thyroid screening

And more...


I talked to real people who's lives have been saved by the clinic

I asked any men and women who had visited Planned Parenthood to message me for an interview, and the responses FLOODED in. Here are the experiences of people whose lives have been improved by Planned Parenthood.

"When I didn't have access to health insurance I went to Planned Parenthood a few times... the first time was because I had sex with a guy I was dating for the first time and then got a yeast infection... I had never had a yeast infection before and was nervous that he gave me an STD. Planned Parenthood hooked me up with affordable testing and birth control and taught me about yeast infections"

"I went to Planned Parenthood two months after I got raped in 2011 to make sure my rapist hadn't impregnated me or given me any STDs."

One female writer visited Planned Parenthood when she couldn't get into her own gynecologist for an appointment. She hadn't even thought about going to the clinic, however, because- despite knowing the contrary-- we're so brainwashed into thinking that Planned Parenthood's sole function is providing abortions. She explains, "They were so unbelievably nice, even nicer than my ritzy gyno, to be honest..." And they asked her one important thing: "I was struck how one of their standard questions was if anyone had hurt me physically. Seems important for young girls."


One man "used to get screened there when [he] was young and lacked insurance."

One woman recounts, "I called the Planned Parenthood hotline for the first time to talk to someone about getting an abortion. You can imagine the mental state I was in, even though I'd been having unsafe sex, you never think it will be you. When I got someone on the phone they explained how I had options, even as minor, and gave me the phone number to the closest abortion clinic and a place called the Pregnancy Resource Center who provided free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds." She ended up going to the Pregnancy Resource Center, and decided not to get an abortion. "IF I HAD NOT HAD THAT NUMBER TO CALL I CAN'T SAY THAT ANY OF THAT WOULD BE WHERE I AM RIGHT NOW AND I THANK PLANNED PARENTHOOD. There is no way 15 year old me was going to know about that Resource Center or clinic without them."

A male writer, said that, "I (and other guy friends) have used PP for standard STD screening over the years. When I was fresh out of college, broke and without insurance, it was an extremely accessible and affordable resource." What differentiated Planned Parenthood from other doctors? The security guard, screaming anti- choice lobbyists outside, locked doors, and metal detectors he needed to pass through in order to get in. "As I was sitting there I couldn't help but think about the reasons for those precautions, the awful things people have done at other locations. I'm guessing that crosses most people's minds. To add that mental burden and anxiety to whatever else a person might be dealing with... it was just really surreal and sad."

Washington Post

"When I was in my mid-twenties and was in between jobs/had lost my insurance and had just aged out of being on my parents' insurance, I went there for my annual exam and birth control and it was a godsend. I also went like 2 years ago because I'd gotten the first two HPV shots in college and then had a very belated freak out that maybe I should've gotten the third one so I went and got health counseling. In college I went there for Plan B because a condom broke while I was having sex with a guy I was dating. I remember being so relieved (this was before Plan B was as accessible as it is today). All of my experiences were pleasant ones at Planned Parenthood. They were friendly, thorough and put me at ease."


"I went there for an in-clinic abortion 2 1/2 years ago after an unexpected pregnancy when I was 24. They were my only option at the time because my regular gynecologist didn't perform them at her office. I went to my appointment alone, so I felt especially anxious when I arrived. From the moment I met with reception, there was someone with me at every turn. The counselor I met with before heading in let me just sit and cry with her in the office. She walked me through the procedure more than once and was incredibly patient with me while I repeated questions that I had. Since I was by myself, I wasn't able to receive a sedative before the procedure. The nurse in the room held my hand the entire time while the doctor talked me through every step he was taking to calm my nerves. In the recovery area, another nurse sat with me to make sure I was comfortable. The final nurse I met with before I was discharged told me how brave I was for the decision I made and hugged me tightly before I left. I went back six weeks later for a scheduled check-in and to have an IUD placed."

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A woman, who got in a relationship, "thought about being smart & getting on birth control. Sarah, the doctor that has seen me every time I go, was really helpful cause I had originally wanted the nuva ring but told me the best choice for me since I have some health problems."

"There was one day I drove my friend to to get an abortion in Portland, ME and there were pro-life protestors so she had our other friend drive her the following day."

"I've been for birth control refills, STI screenings, and a pap smear. In locations in the valley, it's always been really crowded even with an appointment, so you can see how dire these services are. I've always gotten what I needed by going. They are helpful and discrete and a really valuable resource."

"The importance of Planned Parenthood can't even be summed up by someone like me. I am one person. I am one woman. I can say that personally their importance to me is that they have been there for me in my life during some of the darkest and hardest moments. Times when I couldn't talk to my mother, my friends, my boyfriend/husband-I could call their hotline and talk to someone. My hope for the future of Planned Parenthood is that will be there for my daughter. I know I've done my best to create the closest relationship with her and hope she can always come to me, but if for some reason she can't, I HOPE Planned Parenthood is."


Planned Parenthood is integral to providing affordable and discreet HEALTH CARE to men and woman across the globe. It is far more than just an abortion service. In fact, abortions only account for 3% of the procedures. Fox news once reported it accounts for 95%. According to actual data- this is not true.

Want to help end the stigma around Planned Parenthood? Want to continue to provide women with affordable health care globally? Donate to Planned Parenthood here.