Meet The App That Will Reject Guys For You

It's called the Bye Bye Bot


Guy at a bar won't leave you alone despite telling him all about your fake boyfriend Bryan who will be there literally ANY second? Douchebag on Bumble repeatedly asking you for your number? Why don't you get a little bit petty and play the player at his own game.

Enter: Bye Bye Bot, fake digits you can give creepy dudes instead of your own, from the genius mind of writer and comedian Hassan S. Ali. Give men the number 1–626-GOODBYE, and, according to the website, "when a creep texts the number (thinking it's you), a chatbot replies with craaazy texts, links to Jezebel articles, and urges them to donate to Planned Parenthood."

Thank ye robot Gods for this blessing.


We don't want no scrubs

The bot was partially inspired by Jonah & Chelsea Peretti's "Rejection Line," a 2002 endeavor that provided a fake number where unwanted suitors would be met with a recording that would do the dissing for you. Now, creator Hassan Ali gives us an updated app that texts scrubs for us, telling boys we're stage 5 clingers still in love with our exes who demand that you donate to Planned Parenthood like yesterday.

Amazing-- an app that will scare guys away so that you don't have to. (Although I'm pretty good at doing it myself.)


So, next time you want to play a joke on that guy who just won't take "no" for an answer, or if your friend Stephanie is sick of you giving out her number to guys you're not that into, try giving Bye Bye Bot a try.

You can find more information about it here. .