Yes! The Oldest Woman In The World Says She's Still Alive bc She's Single


Reeling over a breakup? Had a string of bad Tinder matches? Well, being single 'aint that bad. How do I know? Well, a woman who's been alive for THREE WHOLE CENTURIES has claimed that being single is the secret to being alive.

Emma Morano, born in 1899, turned 117 years old in November. She lives on raw eggs, cookies, and her favorite: brandy. And she also lives alone.


She left her husband-- who she called violent-- in 1938, and has been single ever since. Why? Because "I didn't want to be dominated by anyone," she told The Independent. Being footloose and fancy free apparently keeps you young at heart...and alive for centuries.

So next time you think you might just die of a broken heart, think positively- you might just live forever because of one.

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