The Coyest Ways To Deal With That Time Of The Month

Bloody hell.

If you feel the need to be coy about your period, here is a great option to do that. A company called T-Box to Go provides the perfect tampon case that fits easily into your purse, backpack, locker, or pocket. It can hold up to 3 tampons AND has a convenient pill box at the bottom for days where you're feeling extra crampy.

But quick question: who are we being coy about our periods for?

I'm going to throw a potentially unpopular opinion your way. Big reveal: WOMEN GET PERIODS! We also poop too, but the world might not be ready for that yet, so let's stick to the period part for now. I'm assuming if we're going to be hiding our periods, shrinking our tampons down to minuscule size, rushing to change them and praying to God they don't fall out of our purse, we are doing it for one reason: so men don't get grossed out by us or feel inconvenienced.

NO THANKS! We already spend time out of every month bleeding for a week straight. We go to work despite having horrible cramps. (If Chinese swimmer Fu Yuanhui could compete in the Olympics with her period, we can make it to work, right?) We take time out of our day and our personal lives to change our tampons. We do extra research hoping there's something better for our bodies than a tampon. I mean, what they give us to help our periods can also give us toxic shock and kill us. Thanks a lot! We spend money buying that expensive pair of lingerie and cool pair of pants only to accidentally bleed through them when our periods happen to come a few days early. Now we're expected to devote EXTRA time to pretending our periods don't even exist to make everyone around us feel more comfortable?

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Instead of being coy about our periods how about we normalize the fact that they actually happen. Month after month for essentially most of our lives. Plus, the reason men exist is because of our periods, FYI. The more we hide our periods the more we teach young girls that menstruation and the female body is something to be ashamed of. It's not. The process is normal, you aren't gross, and you don't have to hide it.

Periods are an amazing thing. They represent health and fertility and the female reproductive cycle. I have some ideas. If you're dating a guy that doesn't have a trash can in his bathroom, tell him: "Hey, get a trash can, babe, for when I need to dispose of my tampons. Otherwise I'm just gonna leave used ones next to your sink." I bet he'll buy a trash can real quick. Don't be afraid to have sex on your period either; it's not gross and most guys don't mind. If you need a few extra minutes at work in the bathroom to empty a diva cup or scout out some tylenol, that's okay: take it.

For one week a month- it's okay to be a little selfish.

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