Studies Say You Actually SHOULD Date That Cute Coworker


Sick of the bar scene? Look around your office.

I don't know about you, but I've dated coworkers before. In fact, I was in a relationship with one for FIVE YEARS, and when we broke up, it was a total mess. Not only because we had to keep working with one another, but also because he started dating ONE OF OUR OTHER COWORKERS AFTER WE BROKE UP!

Yikes, I know.

But it turns out that dating your cubicle mate isn't actually uncommon. In fact, a lot of people do it, and it's actually a lot easier than online dating, or meeting that guy in a bar. If you think about it, it's not all that surprising.

These potential mates get to see you at your best and smartest- you know, after you nail that powerpoint presentation in the meeting or land that big sale. You get to spend ten hours together almost every single day. Lunch time is practically a built in date.

That office messaging system is essentially just the same as texting, right?

Your work family basically becomes your family, and sometimes those relationships can become romantic.

But, should you find love in an office space?

Here are some stats

  • 63% of job seekers said they have dated a coworker.

  • 45% of job seekers said they were very familiar with the rules of dating in their workplace.

  • 57% of job seekers said that they believe asking out a coworker is easier than asking someone out at a bar

  • 56% surveyed thought asking out a coworker was easier than swiping right.

It's actually easier to ask out your coworker than find love in da club.


Why? Probably because asking someone out who you already know has a level of familiarity and an assumed success rate. You already know them and have a rapport: so of course they'll say yes... (Well, you hope.) And instead of endless swiping, or mustering up the courage to say hello to someone after too many drinks, you can just ask someone you already know for an after work cocktail, and see how it goes.

Plus, it's not THAT uncommon

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Remember, 63% of people have dated their coworker! And although it didn't work out for me, it IS important to remember, it worked out for Jim and Pam. And we all want to be like Jim and Pam, right? They are #relationshipgoals.


the cutest <3 <3


Remember that there are some rules.

  • Keep your work life separate from personal life.

  • Keep your relationship drama at home and be professional at work.

  • No office PDA!

  • If your work crush isn't interested, leave it there.

  • Make sure to check with HR about inter office dating policies (if there is one.)

  • Prepare for the break-up before it happens, and keep it professional.

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