Stop Listening To The B*tch In Your Head

Squash the negative self talk.

Are you your own worst enemy? It's about time that you squash your worst inner critic. As Huffington Post says:

"Big or small she likes reinforcing doubt and lies and negativity, all the while smugly staring you down like a damn reject.

That bitch knows that you are struggling to know your value as a woman in life or business - letting fear, indecision and uncertainty take control. She also knows that you're probably living by someone else's rules or "system" {and feeling inferior because of it}.

It's cool if you've listened to her. It's even okay if you took her advice in the past.

But, please stop. If you keep believing her, well, now you're just standing in your own way."

Stop engaging in negative self talk

Remember: the voice inside your head that tells you bad things about isn't real. It's not reality-- it's an illusion. It's a false perception. This person is not your friend. She is not facts. So next time you hear her pipe up why don't you tell yourself "shut up babe, you're lying to me!"

Because she is. In fact, whatever the enemy is telling you inside your head is probably the opposite. You have absolute control over it, and you need to talk back to your thoughts, and stand up for yourself, to take back that power. It's just a bunch of old fears and beliefs trying to surface in the present day.

They aren't true anymore, and they probably never were. Squash 'em!

Treat yourself like a friend

Would you let a friend treat you the way you talk to yourself? Would you let anyone talk to you the way you engage with your thoughts sometimes? Most likely no. So if you wouldn't take it from someone else, why are you taking it from yourself?

What should you do?

How about be your own best friend?

Replace negative thoughts with positive thinking

It's positive to rewire old patterns and patterns in your brain- you just have to be deliberate about it. With repeated and conscious effort, turning negative thoughts into positive thinking will become natural to you. Every time you hear a negative thought bubbling to the surface, do a contrary action. Remind yourself that it is NOT true, and that you are NOT that thought. Then, repeat a positive mantra, or ground yourself in the reality of the situation. By shifting perspective, you can quiet that bitch down. :)

Remember: you're in charge.

H/T Huffington Post