Scientists Explain What Female Intuition Is


OoOoooOh wiitchhyyy womannnnn.


Ever have that feeling in your gut where you know something is up? Do you and your best friend text each other at the same time? Have dreams that come true? Do you know when something is wrong-- for ex/ you're SURE your boyfriend is cheating on you with that Instagram girl who always likes his pictures even though you can't prove it yet?

It's called female intuition: and it's real.


theory one: it's all about testosterone

A test done by scientists at the University of Granada proved that female intuition might actually be biological, and it all has to do with testosterone. While in the womb, females have lower prenatal exposure to the hormone. Why does this matter? Well-- first let's define what intuition actually is.

"Scientists describe intuition as thoughts that are processed unconsciously and automatically, requiring little cognitive effort. Intuitive thoughts are considered to be more emotional, while analytical thoughts are more rational."

Testosterone makes men more reflective and prone to analysis, while estrogen makes women-- well, more emotional. Since intuition is an automatic, emotional reaction, it's a trait inherent to females, not males.

Essentially, we biologically have acute emotional perception.

I had a feeling we did!

theory two: women are better at reading expressions

According to Psychology Today, "Research on nonverbal communication skill has clearly shown that women are, as a group, better at reading facial expressions of emotions than are men. As a result, women are more likely to pick up on the subtle emotional messages being sent by others."

So, women are better at reading poker faces and picking up on social cues. Due to our innate empathy, we're easily able to pick up what others are feeling, or potentially thinking.

I can usually tell when my boyfriend hates me FAR before he even says it.

But why?

Evolutionarily, there's a reason, and it's mainly due to our social standing through history. Women have typically been lower on the totem pole, and have thus spent more time reading the expression of those in power. Through time, we've been able (and have had) to discern emotions, especially those of our husbands and children. Biologically, those better at reading emotion are those more likely to procreate. Survival of the fittest-- etc.

So it might not be so much about women being intuitive as it is about, as Psychology Today puts it, men being emotionally clueless.

Hey, they said it, not me.


So next time you have a hunch, realize that most likely-- it's probably right. Women are witchy, after all. Even science says so.

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