L8R Side Chicks: 2017's Dating Trend is Having a Man on the Side


Do you know about ho culture?

Babe Magazine published the v important piece "Don't quote me on this, but 2017 might be the long-awaited year of the side dick." Their hypothesis was this: side chicks of the past need to move aside, because 2017 is going to be all about hoe culture and female sexual liberation. No more being mistresses or Becky with the good hair. No more worrying about your crush texting you back. This year, it's all about women getting theirs.

Babe/Urban Dictionary

Are you sick of F**** boys? Sick of mixed signals, grey areas, or finding out after months of what you thought were dates that you're just a booty call? I had a guy shower me with love notes and roses, only to have him break up with me after a few months of dating. I watched our relationship go from serious to gradual booty call. What is this? Reverse dating? I'd never had this experience before, so I could only label him a bad boy in good boy's clothing.

If you're over that kind of nonsense, then good, because it's going out of style. It's time to stop revolving your life around men, that is played out, gross, and beneath you. Hopefully, none of you did that in the first place. If you did-- we've all been there.

But in 2017- the dating trend prediction is this-- hoe culture. Female sexual liberation, and it's all about women having sex when they want to, with who they want to, how they want to, with no regrets.


So ladies, it's time to play the players at their own game. Remember: anything that men can do, we can do too. duh.

If men can sleep around without a stigma, why can't we? Ever look at a dude's cell phone? They have about a thousand girls name Jessica and Kristen in it. So why don't you hop on Tinder, and start rackin up those Trevors and Craigs. Because it's 2017, and there's no more shame in your game. Keep a bench full of dudes on the back burner for when you need a date, someone to talk to, or when you're horny and got to get yours.

Plot twist: girls get horny. And it's okay for us to have sex. For fun.

The Tab/Twitter

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