My Bathroom Scale Is "Alternative Facts," & Other LOL Worthy Tweets

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Even Merriam-Webster told you to take a seat, Kellyanne.

If you're not familiar, Kellyanne Conway, counselor to Donald Trump, just decided to label lies coming from the White House as "alternative facts." She was of course referencing the bizarre press conference that occurred addressing the size of Trump's inauguration.

"I swear, it was huge!"

Some alternative facts: I definitely was NOT dumped by a pizza delivery boy who was 5 years younger than me this year. I am a natural blonde. I didn't steal that pen from the bank last week! I didn't drive away from a gas station with the gas pump still attached to my car in 2003.

Mmmkay. So another word for alternative facts? Just lies.

Here are some best tweets about our new favorite phrase.

1 ) we're gonna start using this one...

2) I have the same dimensions as Giselle

3) NOT a shark!

4) agree

5) yay! we get to go back to work!

6) i refuse 2 let u evict me

7) also, hot dog on a stick employee? anyone?

What are some of your favorite "alternative facts?" Write them in the comment section.

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