Men Love The Chase - Here’s How To Make Them Run


Towards you, not away from you, lol

Ever see "He's Just Not That into You?" Well, most likely you know the signs if a guy is disinterested. If you're constantly available to hang out, or are throwing ultimatums his way-- OR God forbid you seem like you're needy-- most likely he will run in the opposite direction.

But the question is: how do you get a guy to chase you?

It's simple. Just by being yourself.

Don't be too available

"Men like a challenge, and you're not playing games by making him pursue you", says Sabrina Alexis of the website A New Mode.

This doesn't mean to act unavailable: that is playing games. You should actually BE unavailable. This means being independent and keeping a full, exciting, happy life that is all your own. Why? Because your crush shouldn't be your entire life, that's unattractive and devalues you as a person. You're worth far more than that. He should be an addition to your already very full life, and if he's lucky enough, he'll get to be a part of it.

(If he calls you and makes plans with enough notice.)

Leave him wanting more

If you've ever read the book The Rules, you know these, well, rules already. And they aren't manipulative, it's just about being precious with your own time. Some ideas:

  • Always end the phone call first

  • Be the one who ends the date

  • Don't overtext, leave something for conversation in person

Stay single until you're FOR SURE not

Never assume ANYTHING. Don't assume exclusivity, and don't assume that he's your boyfriend. Also, don't press the conversation. Keep having your fun until he brings up the conversation and asks to tie you down. Until then, you're busy and waiting to see if he deserves you.

Make him work for it because you're a prize.

Feel Sexy

Flirt. Catch eyes with him from across the room. Know that you don't need his approval because you already approve of yourself.

Judge him base on his actions

Thought Catalogue makes the good point: "If he's a tall, handsome doctor, who doesn't respond to your text message, then he's a tall, handsome doctor, who isn't worth chasing – period."

Someone who might look good on paper, or in your head, might not actually be good in person. Make sure when you're dating that you're actually grounded in reality and not stuck in fantasy.

Leave when it's time

And if he's not treating you how you deserve to be's time to bounce.

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