Let’s Ditch Photoshop: Epic Magazine Fails Where Models Aren’t Perfect


Ummm, that arm doesn't look right....

1. Woops, where's the purse?

It looks like you forgot something.

2. Target Fail

One time, they did THIS to a model.

3. Hey John Mayer

r u ok?

4. Original Photo, Right

Photoshopped, Left.


5. Meghan Trainor

Or how they photoshopped Meghan Trainor IN HER MUSIC VIDEO.

6. I might be a bad judge but...

What's going on with her legs here?

7. My...

What a long neck you have!

8. Dang Target

You're at it with the long arms again?

9. Excuse me?

You're missing an entire leg?

10. When Chef meets Terminator

Does she have oven mitts for arms?

11. What's the deal with arms and legs?

Now Lena's arm is gone!

12. Give this photo a hand!

Or a thousand hands. There are literally so many hands in this picture.

13. Check out those stairs...

But don't worry, even Beyonce photoshops sometimes.

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