It’s A Fact: Strong Women Attract Better Men


Do you stand your ground?

Think always agreeing with your significant other is the key to a successful relationship? Turns out it's not. The kind of man you want isn't looking for a doormat, he's looking for his dream girl, who, incidentally, is a strong independent woman who knows what she wants.

If you heard a rumor that men don't like strong women-- you heard wrong. Boys are intimidated by strong women, men are excited by them. This article says that strong women expose evil men and that sentence literally gave me chills. Because it's true: a strong, independent woman might scare off a weak fuckboi, but it will attract the kind of man you want in a relationship.

One who respects you, admires you, and wants to learn from you.

That sounds nice, right?


A man doesn't want to feel like you need him in order to have an identity. That's a LOT of responsibility, and men are lame and feel like relationships are a lot of responsibility in general. Yes, you heard me: men, in general, can be kind of lame. So the best way to have a good relationship: be a boss b*tch who doesn't need him, but wants him.

He's an addition to your life, but he isn't your entire life.


Psychologically, why do men love women with strength and attitude?

Because it shows that they are independent. They'd be a good mother, because they know how to take care of business. An article I read in Psychology Today which was honestly so overly sexist that I stopped reading it half way through made one interesting point that a submissive woman can make a man feel guilty if she's too reliant on her partner and he lets her down. It's like walking on egg shells.

So- the best way to have a good relationship is to have a thriving personal life. Stay on top of your hobbies during the day, and then on top of your partner at night.

(sorry, that was gross.)


oh, and we'll take 20 of these shirts, please...

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