Here’s Why Being In Your 30’s Is the Best (And It Is)

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Sorry, but your 20's are the worst.

Why there is a stigma around turning 30 I do not know. I'm about to turn 31 next week, and I've never been more excited. Because let me tell you a little secret: your 30's are the best years of your life. Actually, I can't really speak to anything beyond 30, only the things that came before it.

My 20's were a trainwreck of bad boyfriends, bad decisions, money problems, and career changes. I switched cities a bunch, and I switched lovers and friends too. I drank too much, and I slept too little.

But now I'm 30 and everything is perfect! JK. Obviously not. But things are much much better, and here's why.


You've reached your sexual peak

According to Huffington Post:

Women in their 30s and early-40s are significantly more sexual than younger or older women, reporting more sexual fantasies and more actual sex.

Many women in their 30s say they feel sexier and more in tune with their bodies — and therefore enjoy a better sex life — than they did in their 20s. At age 31, women are their most sexually confident.

You don't dwell on the bad stuff

Once you're in your 30's you stop harboring resentments. You've learned to let things go, especially the little things. You know that little problems aren't even problems. If you're still fighting with your friends, then they probably shouldn't be your friends. You've weeded out the bad ones, so now, most likely, you hardly fight at all.

You recover more quickly from breakups (because God knows you've been through a bunch of them.) You know how precious your time and your relationships are, and communication is important to you. If something bothers you- you deal with it quickly.

Because you're an adult now. Amazing!


You actually LIKE your friends

You may have less of them, but they're good ones. And that's what's important.


FOMO isn't a thing.

You would rather DIE than be at the club. Maybe every once in a while, but you know where you'd rather be: at home, in bed, with a cup of tea, catching up on all your favorite shows. Your idea of an amazing night is having all your best girlfriends over to gossip, eat too much food delivery, and watch some of your favorite movies.

When you see people out and drunk partying via Instagram, or complaining about their hangovers the next day on social media, you are soooo grateful to not be in that stage of your life anymore.

Being 30 = FOMO no mo'.

You probably have money

Or maybe you don't. Either way, that's okay. But most likely you're on the way to getting there. You know what you want to do, most likely you've found your passion, and you're on the way to making it a career.

You know what you want in a relationship

You're done messing around, the drunken one night stands are pretty much over. You don't have to sneak out of a guys house and avoid his 10 roommates or frat brothers. You've had enough breakups, breakdowns, and heartaches to know what you want and don't want in a relationship and how to spot red flags. And when you spot those red flags, you're out now, sooner rather than later. You know a few things: when a man says something, you should believe him, and you can't change anyone. You shouldn't want to either. Also, being independent and keeping a full life is the key to your own happiness.

A man is an addition to your life, not your ENTIRE life.

Don't you wish the girl in your 20's knew that too?


You're confident

Do you even KNOW how many minutes of your 20's you wasted being insecure? Too many. Well, not anymore. By your 30's, you've been staring at yourself for so long that you're finally used to it and you know what, you like it too. Also, you finally understand which jeans, bathing suits, dresses, etc. fit your body shape. And hair color, makeup...

Man, took long enough!



Ok, there is one thing. As soon as you turn 30, it will feel like you have a cold and a back ache (and heartburn) forever and ever and ever.


There will be a TON of weddings. Wedding after wedding after wedding.

And you wouldn't go back to your 20's, even if someone paid you a million dollars.


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