Having It All Doesn't Mean Doing It All


Stop being Stepford.

Stop trying to be perfect, it's impossible. Plus, no one wants to be around a perfect person. They're just annoying and you always feel inadequate next to them. You know who's likeable and successful? The relatable, successful person who knows the key to life: work smarter, not harder.

If you say no when people offer to help you with the dishes, if you clean your house before the housekeeper comes, if you're the grown up version of the kid who did all the work for the group project, then I have some advice for you.

You need to chill the fuck out.

Here is your resolution for 2017: sometimes saying no to other people is saying yes to yourself. Stop trying to be a Stepford wife, mother, girlfriend, friend, person. Because the more you relax, the more productive you'll actually be.

Do you ever wonder how successful people are so...successful? It's because they know the importance of getting help from others. This is probably the hardest thing for me. Believe me, my life motto can essentially be summed up as "I got this." But if you're doing everything yourself, you're likely going to feel resentful, burnt out, and overworked. You'll end up being mediocre at a bunch of tasks instead of excelling at a few crucial ones. Sound familiar?

Well, here are some tips for kicking ass at life, from some people who are actually doing it.

Ask For Help, Delegate Tasks

Asking for help doesn't make you look weak-- it's smart. No one runs a business by themselves, they have the help of a team. So run your personal life like one. Making dinner for your family? Delegate tasks. Have someone set the table and someone else chop the vegetables. Everyone can clean up together. Doesn't that make more sense than just you doing everything yourself?

Asking for help means relinquishing some control, but at the end of the day it takes a lot of stress off your shoulders.

know when to walk away

Something not working out? Getting frustrated? Know when it's best to just walk away from a task. Maybe revisit it later. But if something is proving incredibly difficult, it's not worth your time. Sometimes giving up is the right thing to do, or give the task over to someone else.

Like that time you were insistent on spending 5 hours trying to put that Ikea cabinet together. Shouldn't you have just hired someone else to do it to begin with? That's what you ended up doing anyway!


Do the hardest things first and save the easiest things for last. It will make your day go by more smoothly and enjoyably.

Say No

Don't want to do something? Say no! Isn't that fun? You're an adult now! You get to do what you want! In 2017, say no more often!

To Do Lists

Make to do lists and set intentions for the day. This will help you manage your time and prioritize your tasks. You can track your progress, be realistic, and delegate chores to others if your schedule is feeling overloaded.

In 2017, let your motto be this: work smarter, not harder. Allow others to help you, and say no whenever you feel like it. Let this year be all about you.

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