Girl Power Guide to Dating

Rule 1: Ur in charge

Ever felt desperado, needy, or insecure in a relationship? Well, throw that BS out the window because it's time for some girl power dating. Do you think Posh Spice ever analyzed David Beckham's texts?

Do you think Ginger ever waited around for a guy to call? No. She was too busy wearing platform boots and howling "Girl Power" in an english accent up at the moon. Can you imagine Jennifer Lawrence begging? Beyonce crying about a boy who hasn't asked her out yet?

No. Because they subscribe to 👏 girl👏 power👏 dating👏 and they know that they are the prize.


They key to girl power dating is knowing that you hold the power in the relationship. You are the one who guides where the relationship goes, or doesn't. I have two older brothers, and tons of guy friends. Want to know something secret about men?

They're stressed out about you. They want you to like them. They worry about what to wear before they see you. They are puppy dogs with broken hearts. They read your texts over and over and wonder what you meant when you only answered "okay." They plot how long they should take before they respond, and they want you to think that they're cool. They cleaned out their car before they drove you in it. They yelped that restaurant they're taking you to to make sure that it's nice.

So remember: guys get nervous too, and they get nervous because they like you, and they want you to like them.

Sound familiar? So when you're girl power dating, it's important to hold on to this notion---

It's guys who want you to like them, and you're the decider in everything.


Here are some things that girl power daters do

  • Have full busy lives
  • Put themselves first
  • Don't put up with flakes
  • Enjoy a girl's night out (or in)
  • Are passionate about their hobbies
  • Are I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T
  • Know when to end it

Here are some things that girl power daters don't do

  • Wait around
  • Act needy... (but they have needs, and they vocalize them)
  • Analyze texts with their girlfriends
  • Spend time thinking/talking about boys at brunch. They're too busy having fun
  • Sacrifice the ho's before bros mentality (girlfriends first)
  • Lose themselves in a relationship

It's 2017. Remember: you're a prize, and you're in control. Are you going to be a girl power dater this year?

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