Epic Bridesmaids Fails To Brighten Your Day


Because it's your big day, and I'm going to ruin it.

1. Like this one photo taken in a bathtub

You know what they say, friends that bathe together, stay together....

2. The wedgie

You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose.

3. Uhhhhhhhh

No comment.

4. Hope you're not driving!

It's like a Lindsay Lohan in training. How cute!

5. Well, at least they're not wearing white.

Actually, are they wearing anything at all?

6. Strike a pose!

Life's a catwalk!

7. I am confused

What is the theme here?

8. Jump on Three!

And you, you flash the camera!

9. Golden Girls

Unless this is 80s prom, it's not okay.

10. Everyone's a flower girl!

Let's not forget to take a look at those hats they're wearing too.

11. I think you stepped in some toilet paper

Someone should have told her before she left the bathroom.

12. Ummm...

We'll leave you with this.