Breadcrumbing Is 2017's New Dating Trend And You're Gonna Wish You Knew About It Sooner

And we thought we hated carbs before...


First, they tried to ruin us with ghosting: that thing where the person you're dating seems super into you, then all the sudden, they just disappear. Girl, u been Casper'ed.

Then, they tried to keep us down with ex-ing: where instead of going MIA, they lie and tell you that they got back with their ex. PROVE IT! CALL HER R N!

🍞Now, make way for breadcrumbing. 🍞

To be honest, it's nothing new, it's probably happening to you right now, and you might be doing it to 300 people without knowing it.



Hmmmmm.... Leading someone on? Keeping them around forever?

It's basically that thing where someone will text you intermittently, like your instagram photos, respond to your tweets, comment on your new Facebook profile pic, view all your Snapchats, but never actually enter your life I-R-L.

You might think this person is interested--why wouldn't you, they've liked EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR INSTAGRAM POSTS--but they aren't.

You're on the backburner. You're their boredom bet. Urban Dictionary explains that it's, "the act of sending out flirtatious, but non-committal text messages (ie "breadcrumbs") to members of the opposite sex in order to lure a sexual partner without expending much effort."

That is sooooo familiar.

But when it comes to you, the only thing they're actually gonna smash is that like button.

Important: It's also known as Hansel and Gretelling.


I was going to message my entire office and say "hey, has anyone here ever been breadcrumbed?" but then I realized I am the only person here who iz single. 😑 So, let me scream into the void, alone, about my experience with breadcrumbing.

For one, I think that breadcrumbing is emotionally manipulative and is a symptom of our digital dating era which has taken the authenticity and accountability out of romance!!!!!! And FYI, for all u breadcrumbers out there-- we C u. It's called the following tab on Instagram, and the "likes" option on Twitter. Your breadcrumbs leave a trail for all other women out there. We can see everyyyyything you've liked honey.

Do I condone stalking? NO! It's bad for your mental health! It's another social media dating disease. But like, have I done it? Do I do it? I literally refuse to answer that question!


Also, what is that thing where you will go one 1-2 dates with someone, they'll never ask you out again, but then they'll continue to like all of your social media posts forever?

That's breadcrumbing I guess? They finally gave it a name?

That happens to me regularly. I don't know about you.


But then I got to thinking: wait, do I breadcrumb? There are people I "know" on Instagram and Twitter who I've never actually met I-R-L. I like all of their photos, sometimes we will comment back and forth. We might even direct message. Occasionally we will move to text. I have no interest in actually hanging's just kind of an attention thing? It almost feels automatic. I have a few guy friends who I will like everything they post on Instagram regardless of what the photo is. Is that leading them on, or is that just what people do these days?

Am I the worst breadcrumber of them all?

Social media and texting makes everything so confusing.

My solution is this:

Everyone throw their phones into the ocean. Disable your internet, and let's try back to meeting people in real life and communicating in person. Hold on while I answer a few DM's first.

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