A Guide to Being Happy For the Woman on the Go


Step One: Ask people how they're doing.

1. Breathe


Frustrated or overwhelmed? Take a second to pause. Take three, deep, meaningful breaths and find your center. It's also helpful to have a mantra that you repeat in order to gather your thoughts and find peace of mind.

2. Be Present


Feeling unhappy? Most likely you're stuck in the past, or worried about the future. The best way to get out of your head is to bring yourself back to the present. Sometimes, doing an auditory gesture, like snapping, can help bring you into the current moment. Counting to ten helps too. Looking around your surroundings and naming objects in your head is another tactic.

If you're in the moment and practicing gratitude, most likely your immediate mood will change--for the better.

3. Laugh


It turns out, laughter really is the best medicine. Smiling too. If you need a quick pick me up, open that instagram account that always makes you chuckle, and give it a quick scroll. Share a meme with a friend. Although it might seem insignificant, laughing and connecting with others, even if you only have a second, will increase your happiness and your mood.

4. Practice Gratitude


Start and end the day with a gratitude list. Or, have an email chain with your friends where you each send 5 things you're grateful for each day to one another. When you're happy and positive about the things in your life, instead of focused on what you DON'T have, your mood and life will reflect that.

5. Be Kind


Stuck in your own head? Focus on others to get out of it. Give money to someone who needs it, donate your time, pick up some litter, or talk to a stranger.

6. Go Outside


If you're stuck in an office all day (with that horrible lighting) most likely you're body is in some desperate need of Vitamin D. So try taking a walking meeting with your boss, or taking a break outside.

Your body will thank you for those rays of sunshine.

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Be Present


Practice Gratitude

Be Kind

Go Outside