4 New Years Resolutions That Are Gonna Up Your Sex Game


Get sexy in 2017.

Some people have New Year's Resolutions like "go to the gym" or "be a kinder, more giving person in the new year." Those people are boooooring. You want to spice up your sex life. I get it. Whether single or with a significant other, here are some ways to up your sex game in 2017.

Masturbate More

The best way to find out what you like in bed? Figure it out solo. So, in order to communicate your needs with your partner, explore your own body first. Invest in a new sex toy in 2017, maybe try CBD for sex, get to know your own body a little bit better, and watch your sex life improve.


Bring back PDA in 2017

Flirt! You know the feeling when a crush first friend requests you or follows you on Instagram? Remember that first text? Recreate that environment with your partner. Send a flirty text, have witty banter. Kiss in public. Act like children on the playground. Flirting is good for the libido and will reenergize your relationship and you can bring that dynamic right into the bedroom.

No Cell Phones in the Bedroom

The biggest relationship crusher? Cell phones in the bedroom. Unless you're making a sexy home video, employ a strict no siri policy in this sacred space. The bedroom should be an intimate zone for cuddling, conversation, and coitus only. There is nothing more soul crushing than when you're trying to connect with your partner and they're scrolling through instagram, liking through other people's pictures and watching videos with sound. I've actually broken up with partners over this. So if you want to put intimacy back in your relationship (and thus spice up your sex life) ban cell phones in 2017.

Thought Catalogue

Try Celibacy

Single? Take sex out of your sex life completely. I did this for a year, and ended up finding the relationship and sex life I've always wanted. After a lifetime of promiscuity (I'll admit it) sex stopped being exciting or special. I hardly felt aroused, sex just felt mechanic. So I decided to take a vow of celibacy. No sex for one year. At first, this was nearly impossible. But then, when I finally had sex again, it was deliberate. It meant something. I was actually nervous. And that was fun. So the most surprising way to get excited about sex again?

Stop having it.

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