Little Things To Do Everyday To Immediately Start Loving Yourself

Be. Happier. Now.

1. Make a list of reasons why you love yourself

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And read it when you're feeling blue.

2. Say "Good Morning!" to yourself in the mirror every day

While smiling :)

3. Make a gratitude List

Because when we're in gratitude, we have a positive outlook on life. A great idea: start a gratitude text or email chain with friends and/or family.

4. Buy yourself flowers

For no reason at all

5. Start the day with 1-2 minutes of meditation


This can just be sitting and breathing deeply, practicing being present, or listening to some soothing spa music.

6. Set a mood

Even when you're alone, pamper yourself. Light candles, put on great music, use your best silverware, get dressed up.

7. Adventure


Make sure you do one fun or adventurous thing... A DAY.

8. Have a mantra


Have a self love mantra, and let it be whatever feels natural to you. Whether it's "I am beautiful" or "I am worth it," repeat it several times throughout the day to remind yourself of your worth.

9. Eat Healthy

Huffington Post suggests, "When you grocery shop say, "I am choosing this for my body because I love her."

10. Take a laugh break

Because laughter IS the best medicine.

11. Find a passion

And make time to do it every day. Whether it's painting, writing, reading, or being in nature, find time to do what you love. Make sure you're making some free time for yourself in your busy schedule.