18 Lifestyle Hacks For The Working Girl Who Ain't Got Time For That


Use frozen grapes to cool down wine? Yes please.

1. Like how to do the perfect cat eye


I don't know about you, but I NEVER get this right. I'm going to print out this picture and put it on my fridge.

2. Ice cube tray?


Think again. Use it to store jewelry.

3. For the savy businesswoman


Prone to losing things? Gonna be collecting a lot of cards during a networking night out? Take a photo of any business cards, and store them in an album on your phone. That way, you always have them at your disposal. #GirlBossHack

4. Oily Face?


Blot oil with a toilet seat cover.

5. Cheese grater


Use a cheese grater to store your earrings!!! AMAZING! Why didn't we think of that!

6. Period Cramps?


Make your own heating pad by putting dry rice in a sock. Then heat it up in the microwave, carefully. :)

7. For Girls Night


For the perfect girls night in, or when you are going to watch a Real Housewives marathon, why don't you freeze some grapes, and use them as ice cubes (instead of well, ice cubes) in your wine? It's like your own fancy sangria!

8. Color me impressed


Use fingernail polish to identify your keys.

9. For the smart dater


Going on a date with a stranger? Or well, going anywhere for that matter? It's always important to keep a card with all your emergency information in your wallet or on your person, somewhere, at all times.

10. I dunno about this one...


Apparently red wine can be neutralized by white wine? So if you spill some red wine on your shirt, throw some white wine on it too?

11. All the single ladies


Need to clasp a bracelet but don't have any help? Tape it down.

Why didn't we think of that?

12. Don't want to carry a purse?


Then how about carrying some chapstick instead?

13. When you're having a dinner party


Cooking a meal for the holidays, or just having people over for dinner? Try this hack for keeping a cook book propped open. Because I don't know about you, but certainly don't know any recipes by heart.

14. For your morning coffee


You know what I've always said about my coffee: this needs more coffee in it.

15. For the amateur greenthumb


Use a toilet paper roll to make a little seed pot! How cute! And i've always wondered what to do with all those extra toilet paper rolls! :)

16. Get bang for your buck


Get more out of your mineral makeup by removing the bottom of your powder by using a penny. If your tube foundation is running low, you can also cut it in half with scissors and access any remains that way.

17. Hair hack


If you attach a magnetic strip to your wall, you can stick all your bobby pins to it.

18. Cheap jewelry?


Sick of green fingers? If you paint the inside of your rings with clear nail polish, your fingers wont change color.

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Like how to do the perfect cat eye

Ice cube tray?

For the savy businesswoman

Oily Face?

Cheese grater

Period Cramps?

For Girls Night

Color me impressed

For the smart dater

I dunno about this one...

All the single ladies

Don't want to carry a purse?

When you're having a dinner party

For your morning coffee

For the amateur greenthumb

Get bang for your buck

Hair hack

Cheap jewelry?