8 Things Intuitives Do That People Struggle To Understand In The Workplace

Agnes Cecile

You see the bigger picture.

The man who gave you your iPhone and intuitive genius Steve Jobs was once quoted as saying, "Intuition is a very powerful thing, more powerful than intellect, in my opinion. That's had a big impact on my work."

Even HE knew the value of intuition as it came to success.

If you're intuitive, you know that you're empathetic. You can read people's feelings. You perceive the underlying meaning in what people say or do. You like to come up with new ways of doing things, and you can visualize the big picture and long term goals of projects. You see outside the box. It's a gift that not everyone has.

You can be a huge asset to the workplace, but it can also be a little bit of a struggle. Fitting in isn't always easy. You're an innovator and you see things that other people don't. And that can sometimes get, well...annoying.

For them, AND for you. : /


What IS intuition anyway? Sophy Burnham, author of The Art of Intuition, told the Huffington Post she "defines intuition as the subtle knowing without ever having any idea why you know it. It's different from thinking, it's different from logic or analysis…it's a knowing without knowing."

here are some struggles that intuitives have in the workplace

1) You need alone time

One thing about intuitives? You tend to be empathetic. That means you pick up on people's emotions and feelings. If the office is having a bummer day, sometimes that can weigh heavily on you. Give a presentation that didn't go so well? You feel it. If you need to work on a project, too many voices interjecting can get a bit overwhelming for you.

So retreating to some alone time to collect your thoughts, recharge, recuperate, and maybe even meditate is vital to your success in the workplace.

You aren't antisocial. You actually need alone time in order to be social. It's confusing-- we know.


2) Enough talking, more creating

Your motto is less planning, more action. While some people get caught up in the planning stages, you've already moved on to product development. Why? Because you're able to visualize things. You know what will be effective a few steps before everyone else does-- your brain just works like that. You're visual. It's almost psychic, really.

Sometimes you need to slow down a bit, because people need a blueprint. Like investors, for example.


3) You like to observe your surroundings

No, I'm not staring at you. I just like to observe!

Okay, well, maybe I was staring. But you like to observe your office environment to pick up clues. Who likes to work on what? Who is a leader? Who is a follower? Who is creative, and who is analytical? Observing things helps you get the job done most efficiently. And that's what you're all about.

4) Sometimes, you just have a HUNCH

You can't explain it, but you just KNOW what is going to work, and what won't. You don't need spreadsheets, graphs, or data. You're an intuitive. You know what the masses want.


5) You're an innovator

You think of things that no one else has thought of yet. And sometimes, this can make you seem a little bit.... crazy. That's because your ideas are crazy. But they just might work.

6) You can be overly empathetic

Being intuitive means that you're overly perceptive of other people's feelings. Like that one time you spent the entire day in the break room, taking care of Angela, the secretary, while she cried over her breakup.


7) But you can also get overwhelmed

When people don't understand your ideas when you see them so perfectly in your own head.


8) And sometimes, you can be overwhelming

Because while people know that you're a genius, they don't understand your methods. Or sometimes you seem a bit closed off, but really- you just are the type of person who needs a lot of alone time.

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