Surprising Signs That Your Relationship Is Becoming Emotionally Unfaithful

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You're probably doing #1 already

1. You have a work wife or husband

Do you hit Chipotle every day with that cute guy from the cubicle down the hall? Does he pay for your extra guac? Do you find yourself getting dressed up for work every morning, whereas when it's date night with your actual boyfriend, you can hardly find the motivation to change out of your sweats?


2. You hide your phone from your partner


What are you covering up? In a healthy, honest relationship, there isn't anything that you should be ashamed of. But if you're texting people that you shouldn't, or new numbers are accumulating in your phone that there's really no reason for you to have, or your direct message inbox is flooded with messages from strangers-- there's probably a problem.

If you're sneaking anything, that's a big indicator that your relationship isn't bringing you the fulfillment that it should.

3. You're direct messaging with strangers


Do you find yourself answering messages from strangers? Do you flirt on the internet? Are you following people on social media just because you think they're cute?

Is there one person in particular who gives you butterflies every time they like your pictures?

When you read that sentence, did their face pop into your head?

Girl, you're in trouble.

4. You complain about your S.O to this person

If you're complaining about your significant other to someone you potentially have feelings for, you're essentially sending out signals that say "I might be single soon, just so you know." Additionally, that means that you're growing emotionally attached to your "crush" and are starting to depend on them as a confidant when you should be going to your significant other for that.

5. You don't introduce your S.O and your crush


If you want to keep the two relationships seperate, ask yourself: why? If your relationship with this other person isn't inappropriate, then there would be no reason why you wouldn't introduce them to your boyfriend.

And if your boyfriend won't introduce one of his female friends to you, then....

6. You compare

Are you comparing your actual relationship to your pretend one? Well, here's the deal: they are two completely seperate things. Your actual relationship is founded in reality. There are trials and tribulations. You've gone through pain and happiness together. You've overcome obstacles.

Your fantasy bae, work crush, social media significant other is an illusion. You can create the dream relationship in your head with this person because it doesn't actually exist. In your head, a relationship with this person has no fighting, no drama, and great sex all the time, right?

It wouldn't actually be like that. We promise.

7. You wonder what it would be like to be single

If you find yourself wondering what it's like to be single, it might be time to break up, or at least go on a break. Fantasizing about single-dom, and emotional unfaithfulness, is usually an indicator of an underlying, deeper problem anyway.

So, it is really your crush that's the issue, or is there something else going on in your relationship?

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You have a work wife or husband

You hide your phone from your partner

You're direct messaging with strangers

You complain about your S.O to this person

You don't introduce your S.O and your crush

You compare

You wonder what it would be like to be single