What Are The Funniest Bitmojis?

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Bitmoji conversations are the best conversations. It's always a good time sending those adorable little avatars back and forth with our friends. However, there's an almost endless selection of clever little Bitmoji messages to choose from, so let's see if we can pick out some of the best...

If you still haven't heard about Bitmoji you've definitely fallen behind the times. Bitmoji is the newest trend in the ever changing world of virtual communication. Users are able to create their own unique avatars, which will then appear in hundreds of different Bitmoji stickers. Users are then able to say what they want to say via their little Bitmoji avatars. These "stickers" can be sent to your friends through text message OR on Snapchat! People love these hilarious little caricatures of themselves, and they make conversation so much fun.

I was given the task to create a list of the funniest Bitmojis, and let me tell you this was no simple task. Choosing the funniest bitmojis out of the hundreds of potential contenders was next to impossible, because they're all just so dang funny. Also the creators of Bitmoji are constantly release new better and funnier stickers that are typically changing to keep up with the most current pop culture trends. Because of this, it really is impossible to give a definitive list of the funniest Bitmojis in existence, but I'm at least going to try.

I've ranked my top 12 funniest Bitmojis in decending order starting with number 12 and ending with my #1 funniest…

#12 Coffee Chug


The coffee chug always makes me smile, because it's one of the more relatable and funny Bitmojis. I know we've all had those days when we're low on sleep, crazy busy, and we run around drinking coffee like our lives depend on it, because let's be real sometimes they really do!

#11 Food Coma


There's nothing quite like eating until you literally cannot eat anymore. I relate so much to my avatar, literally incapable of movement, because she ate too much food.

#10 Spit Take


This is a fun one to throw in to a text conversation. The classic spit take is a hilarious response to any unexpected news!



I don't know what's funnier the "Oh. Em. Effing. Gee." or my avatars face. But I can practically hear that valley girl accent coming through in this one!

#8 Thug Life


Here's a funny one for when you're just too cool for your own good (or just embarrassingly uncool). You do you and stay unapologetically awesome. #ThugLife.

#7 Slay Me


"You slay me!" is a commonplace in contemporary conversations, but this Bitmoji absolutely cracks me up. I give the cheesy dragon suit all of the credit. Who doesn't love a good dad joke?

#6 Achoo!


That's right! It's the classic dab and sneeze. I love it! Call me old school, but I refuse to let the dab die. It will forever be funny!

#5 Sexy Time


Maybe it's the raised eyebrow or the "paint me like one of your French girls" pose, but this Bitmoji kills me every time! It's so straight forward and confident. I aspire to be like my avatar!

#4 Avocado Suit


Yup. It's an avocado. That's all the explaining it needs.

#3 Drops Mic


Not only is this one a classic, but it also comes in handy ALL of the time. I literally throw this Bitmoji in at the end of every single mini rant that I send to my friends. Nothing like a solid mic drop to make a statement.

#2 Kim K


Yeah. No matter how hard we try, I don't think the world (social media) will ever let us forget about Kim Kardashian's fateful photoshoot. I've seen this photo remade 1,000 different ways, but it's still funny every time! This Bitmoji is especially funny with a male avatar...

#1 Fart Rocket


This one doesn't really take much explaining. This Bitmoji is my number one pick, because it's just out right absurd. Not to mention my avatar's total lack of her usual attire.

There you go! Those are 12 funniest Bitmojis, so be sure to make good use of them. They really come in handy, and they're a ton of fun!

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