The Best 2017 Oklahoma State Fair Food

Bacon seems to be the star of the Oklahoma State Fair, and 2017 will be no exception.

Get ready Oklahoma, because it's almost that time of year again. The 2017 Oklahoma State Fair will soon be in full swing, and it's never too early to get prepared. The fair is only open September 14th through the 24th, which means you'll only have 10 days to get in there and try as much fair food as possible.

If there's one thing I know about going to the State Fair, it's that there's often so many things to see, taste, ride, or try that it can get pretty overwhelming. That's why I like to go in with a plan. While it may be too early in the summer to browse a complete schedule of events and list of vendors, it's never too early to start doing some research.

My first priority, of course, is fair food. In order to prepare myself for the fantastic world of food to come I have prepared a short list of the best Oklahoma State Fair foods from the past few years. These were the crowd favorites in previous State Fairs, so I can only assume they'll be back in 2017 for fairgoers to enjoy once again!

Let's get ready to stuff our faces!

French Toast Burger

Porky's is an Oklahoma State Fair classic. First it was the donut burger, then the pancake burger, and the PB&J burger, but now Porky's brings you the French Toast burger. This is one to try for sure!

Bacon-Wrapped Corn on the Cobb

What could possibly be better than the classic State Fair corn on the cobb? Well a corn on the cobb wrapped in bacon of course! Oklahoma's State Fair is the perfect destination for bacon lovers and this is the perfect snack to get you started!

Donut Burger

Let's be honest people, it wouldn't be a State Fair if they weren't serving donut burgers! This one is a major crowd favorite, and not only in Oklahoma, but also at the fairs in places like Ohio and Indiana. This year when you head to the fair, find yourself a donut burger and indulge in sweet, savory, caloric goodness. You know you want to...

Chocolate-Covered Bacon on a Stick

That's right folks! Bacon, dipped in chocolate, on a stick! In the crazy world of State Fair foods you never know what will be good and what is just plain crazy, but how could you go wrong with bacon AND chocolate?!! You can't miss this one!

Bacon-Wrapped Jack Daniel's

Here's a fun one...This Oklahoma State Fair delicacy is a fan favorite. How does a churro wrapped in caramelized bacon sound? What if we infuse that churro with half a shot of Jack Daniel's? Sound good? Here's the dessert for you!

Butterfinger Caramel Apple

The classic caramel apple with a nutty twist. At Rodney & Lisa's Fancy Apples you can find these tart green apples that are dipped in caramel and rolled in butterfingers crumbles. Here's a fair treat that everyone will love!

Well I picked up on a bit of a bacon theme, but maybe it was just me. Regardless, the 2017 Oklahoma State Fair is sure to bring delicious, juicy, greasy, fatty, chocolaty, sweet treats for us all to indulge in. There's no shame. It's fair food, the calories don't count.

Dig in and have fun!

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