The Best 2017 Indiana State Fair Food

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From the tastiest to the craziest, these are the must try foods at the 2017 Indiana State Fair!

Folks! It's fair time! The 2017 Indiana State Fair is on its way. From August 4th to the 20th, the Indiana State Fairgrounds will be bustling with the excitement of the State Fair.

The theme of the Indiana State Fair is "The Wonderful World of Food". The State Fair is a HUGE celebration for the food that they grow, sell, cook, and eat in all within Indiana's borders. So what better to do than to explore the world of fair food for this summer's event?

At this year's fair there will be a different food product featured for each of the 17 days of the fair, so be sure to check out the food of the day when you visit. But in addition, they held the Taste of the Indiana State Fair contest, into which any of the food vendors could have entered their food of choice.

The following is my compilation of the best Indiana State Fair Foods based on the entries and the winner of the taste of the Fair contest, as well as on fairgoers' opinions of the Indiana fair foods. I trust that something if not everything on this list will tickle your taste buds, so give them a try.

Pig Sticks

A must try this year, Goodwin Family Products' Pig Sticks, were the champions of 2017's brand new "Taste of the Indiana State Fair" contest! That means they were voted the fair food that not only tastes amazing but also best represents Indiana State history. Try these BBQ seasoned pork chops, deep fried, and put on a stick for a classic taste of this year's fair.

The Smoking' Hot on Rye Bread

The Dairy Bar, an Indiana State Fair classic, is spicing things up this year with their all new Smoking' Hot on Rye Grilled Cheese. They blended the delicious flavors of their homemade jack cheese and smoked cheddar with the spicy taste of Sriracha sauce for a sandwich you're sure to love!!

Double Barrel Burger

Here's one that we'd be crazy not to recommend! Carousel Foods' Double Barrel Burger is an impressive fair food that is as crazy good as it is just plain crazy. That's right, this burger is made with THREE donuts separating TWO bacon cheeseburgers, all topped with gooey mac and cheese. Don't miss this masterpiece!

Now for some dessert...

Dairy Bar Milkshakes

Another must try from the Dairy Bar. If ice cream, s'mores, chocolate, marshmallows and more sound like your type of dessert, you've found your go-to treat. These have always been a favorite at the State Fair, we know you'll love them!

Elephant Ears

Everyone loves the cinnamon sugar, flattened doughy goodness of an Elephant Ear. So this year when you head to the Indiana State Fair be sure to grab one of Coffman Concessions' delicious Elephant Ears! It's a State Fair classic that can't be missed.

Apple Dumpling

S & S Concessions are an Indiana Fair favorite. They're known for their sundaes, floats, and for these warm apple dumplings! If a warm cinnamon pastry paired with vanilla soft serve sounds right up your alley, we found the dessert for you.

So if you're planning on coming by the State Fair in August 2017, at least now you know what to look for in the Wonderful World of Food. There is something for everyone at the Indiana State Fair, and whether or not you decide to try one of the foods on this list, you will be pleased with any of it or all of it!

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