Best Books To Read July 2017

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It's summer, and you finally have time for some fun and casual reading. Maybe you're looking for the perfect poolside companion? We have the perfect books for you to get started!

What are the best books to be reading in July 2017? Let me start by saying that there are a TON of good books all coming out this month, but I could only feature a select few. To see a more extensive list of great books visit: BookBrowse.

When walking into a bookstore one if faced with an entire sea of opportunity and different literary possibilities, so where should you begin with your hunt for summer reads. Are your favorite stories fantastical and romantic? Or maybe you're more into science fiction and mystery? Sometimes you might be looking for something new and different than what your used to, but you might also walk in to the bookstore having no idea what you're looking for at all. So to help ease in your search, I have put together a list of the best books to read in July 2017. Keep in mind these aren't the only good books coming out this month, but they are a selection of the best.

Hopefully you'll find this list helpful.

The Epiphany Machine

This new novel by David Burr Gerrard is a real page turner. It'll make you think, as it raises questions about social stereotypes and stigmas. The epiphany machine is a device operated by the charming Adam Lyons that tattoos personalized revelations onto its users' forearms. The ad for this junky device states, "Everyone else knows the truth about you, now you can know it, too." The story follows a young Venter Lowood and his family after they buy into the cult of the epiphany machine. What they find is that once the machine makes a prediction, the stigmas seems to stick around, whispers are noticed more and more, and before they know it they discover the very accuracy of the machine. This read will get you thinking, am I my stereotype or do I become my stereotype? What is your truth?

What We Lose

Zinzi Clemmons' newest release, What We Lose, tells the beautiful and inspiring coming of age story of Thandi, a young African-American woman from Johannesburg, Pennsylvania. The novel follows Thandi as she attempts to find the connection between the disconnected pieces of her life. Neither black nor white, she has always felt like an outsider. Thandi searches for something, someone to love after her mother succumbs to cancer. This is a truly powerful novel that touches on identity issues pertaining to race, sex, family, and country, and it's definitely a great summer read!

City of Masks

If murder mysteries are your cup of tea, City of Masks by S.D. Sykes could be exactly what your summer is missing. This novel is set in 1358 Italy. It tells the tale of Oswald de Lacy who gets delayed in Venice on his way to the Holy Land. However, as he is waiting for his pilgrim ship he gets himself caught up in a murder mystery after discovering a dead man at a local carnival. This is such a fun read! As Oswald finds himself stuck in this paranoid and mysterious, maze of a city, the reader discovers that he has some secrets of his own. But Oswald isn't the only one with things to hide.

Goodbye, Vitamin

Rachel Khong, a new voice in the world of fiction, wrote this incredibly moving novel about a young woman whose life is at a bit of a crossroads. Ruth's engagement was just called off and she feels like it's time to redefine her life. So she quits her job, and leaves town to start over. But for the time being she's staying at her parents' house where she realizes that the situation is much more complex than she originally thought. With an erratic mother and her father losing his memory, Ruth needs to find her footing in her new life. This light hearted novel tells a story of loss, love and the sheer absurdity of life. This is a fantastic read for July!

Happiness -The Crooked Little Road to Semi-Ever After

And my final pick for your July 2017 reads…Happiness, is a one-of-a-kind love story that follows a young family through various twists of fate that require them make some unimaginable choices. Happiness takes the reader through everything from falling in love, heartbreak, single motherhood, caretaking for an ill newborn, parental fears, reunion, and plenty of sacrifices for family. This story will leave its reader meditating on the true meaning of happiness, and what is really required to be happy. If you're looking for a unique type of love story, Happiness is the book for you.

Those were my top five picks for the best books to read in July 2017. Hopefully one of these books tickles your fancy, because there's really something for everybody.

Happy summer and happy reading.

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