Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The First Episode Of Grey's Anatomy?

meredith grey, Grey's

Do you really remember what happened when the interns first came to Seattle Grace?

Do you remember the first episode of Shonda Rhimes' hit series Grey's Anatomy? Do you remember how Derek and Meredith and all the other interns met?

 Jun 12, 2017
1 of 15Choose one:
How long is the very first shift?
100 hours
48 hours
8 hours
2 of 15Choose one:
What is Meredith's reaction when she first sees Derek in the hospital?
She runs up to kiss him
She runs to tell Cristina who he is
She acts like she's never met him
3 of 15Choose one:
What is Bailey nicknamed on day 1?
The Nazi
The Chief
The Dictator
4 of 15Choose one:
Who chooses George to do the first surgery?
The interns vote
5 of 15Choose one:
What is wrong with Meredith's first patient?
she has the flu
she has two broken legs
she's having mystery seizures
6 of 15Choose one:
What is her patient's name?
Cristina Yang
Mandy Moore
Katie Bryce
7 of 15Choose one:
Izzie reveals that she put herself through medical school by
winning the lottery
8 of 15Choose one:
Why is Meredith scared in this image?
because everyone found out about her and Derek
because Katie just died on her watch
because Katie is seizing and Derek is nowhere to be found
9 of 15Choose one:
What does Cristina do during her breaks?
practices Sodoku
stitches on a banana
weaves survival bracelets
10 of 15Choose one:
Who reveals that Meredith's mother is THE Ellis Grey?
11 of 15Choose one:
What does Meredith say when Derek asks her out?
she slaps him
she tells him it is inappropriate
she blushes and says yes
12 of 15Choose one:
Why do the interns nickname George "007"?
because he accidentally kills Meredith's patient
because he sneakily steals 3 ten blades from the hospital
because his mind goes blank in surgery
13 of 15Choose one:
Why does George have to break the bad news?
because Gloria was his sister
because Gloria owned the hospital
because he promised Gloria that Tony would be okay
14 of 15Choose one:
Why did Ellis try to talk Meredith out of med school?
because it was too expensive
because she was a woman
because she thought she didn't have what it took
15 of 15Choose one:
What is the only reason to wake up Dr. Bailey?
if her husband arrives
if a patient is dying
If you don't know what to do
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