Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Season 1 Of Grey's Anatomy?


Take this quiz to see how well you remember Seattle Grace!

This is a quiz about the first season of ABC's hit show, "Grey's Anatomy," created by Shonda Rhimes starring Ellen Pompeo.

 Jun 03, 2016
1 of 10Choose one:
Who does Burke choose to perform the first operation?
2 of 10Choose one:
Who is fighting over the Chief of Surgery position?
Webber and Burke
Burke and Bailey
Burke and Shepard
3 of 10Choose one:
Why does one patient refuse to be treated by Izzie?
Because she is a blonde
Because she is a woman
Because he had seen some of her modeling photos
4 of 10Choose one:
What type of race causes many injuries in the 3rd episode?
a charity race
a car race
An annual bike race
5 of 10Choose one:
Which couple is the first to have sex in the on-call room?
Burke & Christina
Meredith & Derek
Izzie & Alex
6 of 10Choose one:
What is wrong with the patient Derek chooses Meredith to work with him on?
They are a paraplegic
They have an ectopic pregnancy
They have Parkinson's
7 of 10Choose one:
Who discovers they are pregnant after coming down with the flu?
8 of 10Choose one:
Why does one of Alex's patients refuse life-saving surgery?
The recovery time was unbearable
Her mother would not allow her to go under
It was against her Orthodox Jew beliefs
9 of 10Choose one:
What is there an outbreak of among the staff?
10 of 10Choose one:
Who arrives at the hospital in the season finale, leaving Meredith at a loss for words?
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