Quiz: How Well Do You Really Remember Derek's Death On Grey's Anatomy?

greys anatomy, derek shepherd
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

This heartwrenching episode feels like yesterday. How much do you remember?

Derek Shepherd died such a tragic death on Grey's Anatomy. Do you remember all the details of how Shonda killed him off?

 Sep 18, 2020

1 of 15Choose one:

Where was Derek driving to before the accident?
Amelia's house
The airport
The hospital

2 of 15Choose one:

While driving, Derek was chatting on the phone with who?

3 of 15Choose one:

Who was the driver of the speeding car?

4 of 15Choose one:

Sarah was driving her daughter ______, when they were hit by the speeding SUV.

5 of 15Choose one:

What does Derek use to hold Alana's stomach wound?
a cup
paper lunch bags
dry cleaning bags

6 of 15Choose one:

What kind of car hit Derek as he was reaching for his phone?
a tractor trailer
a firetruck
a motorcycle

7 of 15Chose one:

After being hit, Derek is taken to the _______.
Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital
Downey Memorial ER
Dillard Medical Center ER

8 of 15Choose one:

In his head, what does Derek keep saying he wants the ER team to do immediately?
call Meredith
start him on heavy pain meds
order a head CT

9 of 15Choose one:

Penny pushed for a CT scan but doctor, _____, said they don't have time.

10 of 15Choose one:

Why do they decide to page the neurosurgeon?
Derek was having seizures
Penny convinced them
Derek's pupil burst

11 of 15Choose one:

Why did the neurosurgeon take so long to arrive?
he overslept
he stopped to get coffee on his way in
he was at a dinner

12 of 15Choose one:

What does Meredith immediately tell the ER team they should have done?
brain trauma surgery
ordered a head CT
called Grey Sloan Memorial

13 of 15Choose one:

Who tearfully apologizes to Meredith?
Penny Blake
Miranda Bailey's ex-husband
the nurse who accidentally forgot about Derek during surgery

14 of 15Choose one:

What song plays when Meredith is saying goodbye to Derek?
"I Miss You" by Blink 182
"I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston
"Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol

15 of 15Choose one:

What are Meredith's last words to Derek?
"Why did you do this to me?"
"It's okay, you go. We'll be fine."
"You'll always be my person."
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