Your Period As Explained By Horror Movies


Jokes about menstrual cycles are not funny. Period.

1. When you realize that the time has come.

2. You're only spotting a little, but you know you're doomed.

3. Waking up after a night without protection.

4. An actual image of you crawling out of bed.

5. A vision of how Netflix captures your soul for 5 solid days.

6. How you look vs. how you feel

7. This is you in the middle of Day 3.

8. When you've gained 3lbs in one week, you whisper this to the universe.

9. When your Kale Blazer green juice just isn't cutting it.


10. Your reaction when someone asks why you're being so mean.

11. You, at the end of Day 5 when you're finally ready to skip the tamp.

3 hours later.

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